Guidelines on writing and presenting information on M.E.


Focus on Truth at all times.

Be Passionate but be true.

Be very clear what your values are and make sure they underpin every word and have an overarching principle, rather than a relative origin. Do not sacrifice them inadvertently or compromise them. Stay focussed and true. Compromise leads to dilution,betrayal, ambiguity,lack of clarity, inconsistency, stagnation.

Be clear in your purpose, why you are writing and what you want to say.

The credibility and integrity of your document must not be compromised by lack of accuracy. Check your facts, double check, triple check your facts and make sure they are correct.

Approach with humility, acknowledging your own fallibility, admit error and rectify any error where necessary, without delay.

Focus on issues, not personalities, when challenging another view or opinion or making a point. Never attack anyone personally. It leads away from the issues and potentially causes harm and offence. It weakens your presentation and clouds judgement.

Always write objectively not subjectively. Avoid all emotive words, to ensure factual clarity and correct focus.

Never write angrily, avoid self- righteousness. Anger clouds judgement, risks mistakes, lacks focus, may misdirect.

Make sure you know what you are talking about.

Make sure that you say what you mean and you mean what you say.

Make language accessible and easy to understand.


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