Paralysis : so much more than not being able to move.


It sweeps in, it crushes all strength, flows up through your hands and feet, through your limbs and into your back and your chest, your throat, your face, your eyeballs, your mind.

Experienced from the inside, transient awake paralysis is a brutal nightmare forced upon a body that the moment before could, to some extent, move. 

It intensifies the pain, already present, increases the inflammation, yet it also numbs the senses all over your body, it steels your proprioception, so that your awareness of various parts of you, just disappears with no boundary.

It blanks and paralyses your mind, it stops your thoughts reaching your mouth, it stops your mouth from speaking anyway,  it numbs your tongue, it paralyses your throat and clenches your jaw, so that eating is impossible.

It swells your stomach and stops it emptying, it presses on your diaphragm so that breathing becomes a struggle.

It increases your hypersensitivity on every level still further, so that every torment is increased a 100 fold.

It causes your body to overheat and sweat profusely.

It causes massive indescribable head pain, eye pain, headache to intensify still further and it makes contact and interaction a nightmare of agony and complexity few, except those who might already know, can actually imagine.

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