21 years of fighting for truth and justice

There are adventures - and true adventures. True adventures take you on a wondrous journey of discovery, they fill your heart with joy unimaginable and your soul with a belonging, that can endure any pain, challenge, storm, disaster or suffering and rise, triumphant above it, a sparkle in the eye, a twinkle on the lips !

A raised fist, punching the air in victory, a cuddle, a dance, a soft holding of each other : no matter what, we know that we will break a pathway through.

Out of fire, we have forged a sword of truth a buckler of integrity so strong, nothing, no one can break it !

21 years - I never thought it would  be so new. I am younger, more full of awe, more alive than I ever was, that is what true love does I have discovered, it shows how all things are possible.

Much much more, it teaches you how to sit together, contented, in stillness and silence; precious, precious times.

21 years later, it feels like the adventure is just beginning !! I LOVE you Linda xxxxxx


  1. I meant to come back to your post on Fb but now do not see you there. What you both write is so informative and inspirational! When is the world going to wake up and listen? I hope this is a breakthrough year for you. Best Wishes!


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