Dangerous engagement

It is so dangerous to think you can engage with people who deny or do not understand your physical illness.

Severe ME needs this:

The correct information that ME is a neurological diseases with multi-system dysfunction, not just some fatigue condition you can recover from with CBT and GET.

Emotional support, if possible at all, needs to be provided by people who are acutely aware of the physiological issues of ME and the extreme danger of the harm and deterioration that can be result from interaction.

Well-experienced, medically aware consultants with a genuine overview of neurological ME and its biomedical implications are needed to protect people from harm and investigate the underlying physiology.

This is not happening because it is:

  •  not being promoted by the charities.
  • is denied by the psychiatric lobby.


  1. Many of these symptoms could be the result of B12 deficiency:

    If so, I fervently hope it's not too late to reverse some of the damage.


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