Why Greg deserves Nurse of the Year award by Linda Crowhurst

It is to my joy that Greg Crowhurst has been short listed to one of three people for the BJN Nurse of the Year Award. It is my view that no one deserves this award more than him and I believe this will shine through his application, backed nationally and internationally by individuals and charities who know the true reality of this devastating illness and the impact of neglect and the fatigue misdirection, that has caused so much harm to individuals, families who hope for medical respect and a breakthrough in genuine biomedical understanding and treatment and sensitive aware care.


Greg, is a wonderful, kind, compassionate, enthusiastic, determined and committed man, who has dedicated his life to loving me despite me having the most horrendous and devastating neurological disease in one of the most severe forms. This in itself is incredible, seen from my perspective alone. Not only has he loved me and cared for me for over two decades and not abandoned me, as many others sadly find, in similar circumstances, but he has also dedicated his life to speaking up for all of us who have  this misinterpreted, misrepresented, mistreated disease, adamant that the truth will be to told in order to get better care and medical services provided.

Unless you live with Severe ME, neglected, mistreated, possibly even harmed by ignorant practitioners, lacking in adequate  or accurate information, in need of very specific, very aware and sensitive help, you are unlikely to fully appreciate how great a task and how massive an effort has gone into all the years of speaking out, representing, researching, creatively expressing the issues, that Greg has done consistently, in order to help us all and truly make a difference.

Caring full time, in itself a massive task in understanding and responding appropriately, few would have the awareness, insight, energy and determination to advocate repeatedly and so consistently on our behalf, with such strength of belief and knowledge.

His ME friendly Stonebird Website and other websites, his free documents and books on Severe ME, his devotion to Severe ME, highlighted by the Gibson Inquiry, the Gibson and  EAME surveys, his massive and continued Contribution to 25% Severe ME Charity, his political responses, peer reviewed articles and continued solid stance on Severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and the need for a biomedical not psychosocial response spanning two decades is frankly awesome and should speak for itself.



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