I have never felt in such a minority position.

For us,  the UK Election is a matter of life and death ! Watching the Party Leader's debate recently, I have never felt in such a minority position. 

As the Guardian reports today : "  The Centre for Welfare Reform calculates that, under this coalition, those with severe disabilities have taken a financial hit 19 times greater than the average." Yet NONE of the Party Leaders even mentioned the disabled, those on welfare: apart from a throw away comment from the Green Party right at the end of the debate.

So, desperate to make our vote count, I looked up our local Green Party online. It was a shocking experience. There was a single blog post from the prospective MP and that was about bird life and insects. Their Facebook page is lifeless and  about the only activism on offer was an invitation to join a Singing Group. I wrote an impassioned email.

I got a response, denying there is an issue.

The future under Conservative or Labour,  offers little hope to the 
disabled ! The punitive,  sanctions regime is to  continue. The message is clear, if you are not "in work" , you are not worth even a mention.

I am so fired up ! I wrote this song recently :

In the institutionlised corruption
that makes MPs rich
in the selling of the NHS
to private companies
in the destruction
of society up and down the land

Maggie goes on

In the transfer of our wealth

from the poor to the few
in the punitive unemployment
and draconian welfare state
in the growing crimes of hate
against the sick the poor the ill

Maggie goes on

In the eviction of the blind and lame

and those who will lose their home
in the children and the families who tonight
will go without a meal
in those wrongly deemed fit for work
who will lose their appeal

Maggie goes on

In the fat cats and bankers

the ones for whose sins we pay
in the corporate power and greed
that crushes us beneath its heel
in the social and political vandalism
the party neo-liberal anthem

Maggie goes on



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