N = infinity.

The noise assaults me:

Either a shocking fast deterioration,
Into instant total or left sided paralysis
Torn from the previous moments ability to move or talk,
Blind sided by an unexpected bang, a clang of cutlery
Or a screeching jet flying over,
Or else the noise, more constant but invading nevertheless,
simply torments me without a break,
Till the paralysis
Slowly and silently creeps into my already numb hand
Then down my arm
As it simultaneously slithers
Into my feet,
Then up my legs,
My back
Into my face,
My mouth,
My eyeballs,
My throat.
Even my tongue prickles,
With one-sided numbness.
It cuts my senses in half, instantly
As it grabs the left side of me
Seemingly marking out its own invisible line
Discerned internally by an increased prickling pain
And a bizarre, opposite, emptying
of feeling, thought and movement
As if a line has been drawn
Inside my brain
By an invisible hand
Slicing off contact and sensation,
Determining where the line will fall
All the way down my body.
To say that it is horrific,
Intolerable, unbearable, exhausting, tiresome, distressing,
Boring, numbing, destructive, fragmenting, tormenting, terrible,
To be continually assaulted on a daily basis
Then stolen away from all ability, thought and feeling
Repeatedly, each time the impact deepening the effect,
Is simply to under-describe
The reality
By the power of n

Where n = infinity


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