Thank you Design Cuts !!!

There was a knock on the door just now and this bunch of absolutely beautiful flowers - a total
surprise, to celebrate my BJN Nurse Award , arrived !!! Wow.....
They were sent by Design Cuts : an incredible, wonderful, friendly, supportive company, with an extraordinary commitment to dialogue and building community !!!
No one has ever sent me flowers !!!
All the Stonebird and Holy Way Posters draw upon my awesome collection of Design Cuts font and texture packs. I posted a video a little while ago, to show my appreciation :
..and recently I was invited to become a Design Cuts Ambassador !
Thank you so much Tom, Matt, Darren, Tina , Carol and Edita !!!!


  1. Hey Greg,

    We are so pleased you like them- they are well deserved!
    You are doing such an amazing job :) Such a lovely photo of you!

    Congratulations from all of us at DC!


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