We the oppressed will never rest until we get rid of CFS

( warning :  loud, with a heavy beat.)

Psychiatric lies and deceit
a made-up story to suit the money man
talk about pain
we've got a ringside seat
here I am fighting for you
on the street.

I'm flying blind baby
looking for the truth
but there is none of that
to be found
it was declined 
when they defined CFS
and left ME far behind

They say your suffering
is just a state of mind
that you cannot be
in your right mind
now they've got us all confined here
stitched-up tight
like a roller blind

Some days I just don't know 
how much more
of this I can take
some days it feels like
everything is starting to break
that whatever I do
is a mistake
I don't know how to apply
the parking break

"You are a neurotic
go on" the doctors say
"get out of our way,
ME  is just a somatoform,

We have to live in a new way
we have learned that there is
no quick fix
they are trying to bury
ME under a pile of bricks
but we the oppressed
will never rest
until we get rid of CFS


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