Are the sick, housebound and carers part of Labour ?

Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party are accused this morning of "being a party without a point, led by a leader without a cause".

Jeremy Corbyn is 30 years out of date, say the Guardian. He needs new ideas.

They are right ! As I have commented here before, Labour has, to our disgust, these last two decades,  completely brought into the "nonsense" that is austerity, with disastrous results, especially for the sick and disabled.

It is nakedly obvious that Labour  needs new ideas !!

I hope they are developed, but not, anymore by Destructive Vested Corporate Interests.

I hope they emerge, like fire, out of yesterday's 40 000 questions: from the ones who know best.

Jeremy Corbyn has inspired me to join the Labour Party.

Today I received my first invitation to a meeting.

Of course, I cannot go - as a full time carer.

I have told them why.

I have asked them to find ways to  include me, plus the sick, the disabled, the marginalized, all of us who are so invisible on the edge out here.

That's  a big idea, for starters.

Will Labour respond to my request ? I will let you know.


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