We're responsible....

 It was terrifying and jaw dropping to watch this address by Peter White : jaw-dropping because of the way the truth was distorted to fit a rigid, maufactured psychiatric narrative; I have dealt with some of the issues raised here : http://carersfight.blogspot.co.uk/…/pseudo-science-in-uk-re… .

The chilling part was White's "we're responsible" admission , the throwaway remark at the end, that they "transposed epidemic ME into endemic ME"- I have been trying to make sense of that : "epidemic" describes a disease that's widespread and "endemic" means a disease that is found in a certain place and is ongoing; that is not how I would describe the insideous process.

It would have been much more accurate had White admitted they " expropriated ME and tried to transpose it as CFS." With disasterous results, not least for the PACE Trial investigators.

So many lives ruined, destroyed.

But, here is the irony, White is one of the very few, unlike the CCC and the ICC, who has picked up on paralysis being a defining feature of Ramsay-defined ME. We have devoted a huge ammount of time on Stonebird to studying paralysis, that forgotton, yet critical defining symptom in Severe and Very Severe ME. At the end of the day, Professor White may have done some good.



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