A Continuum of Paralysis

I wake paralysed. I sit, I am paralysed.
I move, then I am paralysed. Noise hits me and I am paralysed. I eat and I am paralysed. I lie down, I am paralysed. I am too still, I am paralysed. I am too hot, I am paralysed. I am too cold, I am paralysed.

My stomach is paralysed. My eyes are paralysed, my legs are paralysed. My feet and toes are paralysed.

My mouth, my lips, my jaw, my throat are paralysed. My face, my eyes, my eyelids are paralysed.

My arms, my hands, my fingers are paralysed. My chest muscles are paralysed.

My left side is paralysed. I am totally paralysed. My day is paralysed. I am in a continuum of paralysis.


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