You cannot imagine how much worse it can get

"AFTER OVER TWENTY YEARS it is hard to find new ways to express the horrific reality of very
Severe ME, which I can only describe as being pushed off a high cliff into nothing, where there is no language to describe what is going on in your head and body, where there are no medical investigations tolerable and no explanations being bothered to be sought.

Too ill to go to hospital you are left clinging on to life, just hoping and praying nothing further goes wrong that requires medical intervention. Because you simply cannot go there. 

You simply cannot engage with people nor explain your terrifyingly hypersensitive reality. Until you get to this point here still might be hope someone will help you.

Until you get to this point I seriously doubt you have fully grasped the full reality and horror of ME and you simply cannot imagine how much worse it can still get."

from : "Severe ME : Notes for Carers"


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