Pain and opioids

When I trained as nurse, back in the 1980's, opioids like morphine were rarely prescribed, outside pallative care; the administration of "controlled medicines" was strictly regulated.

I know, from my wife's experience, how the pain of Severe ME is off the scale, it has greatly concerned me, however, to notice how nowadays so many sufferer's are routinely being prescribed opioids, once the preserve of terminal care.

This week's Economist is running a feature story on how the "opioid scourge" has come about.…/21699363-americans-are-increasin…

Inspired by the article, I have begun doing some initial digging and sure enough, it's a disturbing tale of shakey evidence and huge profits, spanning the same period, from the mid 80's onwards, that the physical truth of ME has been so systematically covered-up.

My heart goes out to everyone, the pain can be so bad in ME, it is beyond description. Patients are desperate for help, some are driven to suicide.

The person in agony may not be able to bear a comforting touch, or your voice or even your presence in the room with them. Yet the medical profession is still in a widespread state of denial and there are too few organisations or advocates effectively speaking up enough to make a difference.

My wife, who does not use opioids, has learned a great deal about how to survive, cope with extreme pain. But she cannot carry on like this, it has been almost 25 years.

Understanding what is going so wrong in the body and treating the physical disease, is the way forward.


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