Roses in the Rain

Sometimes I look at you and my heart would break with love
I touch your tender arm
it is so beautiful and pure
I have never told you how exquiste it is
but tragically obscure
we sit here in the garden
the roses wet with rain

If only there was something I could do to make you well
it is a source of great pain
that you are still so ill
after all this time
now and then
we sit in the garden
and I hold you gently in the rain.

You cry and dog licks your tears
so unable, so fractured, so far from reality
you are falling into paralysis
and I can't save you
out here in the garden
in the rain.

Miraculoulsy you still shine with love
as you gather rose petals
and the peace I know
is the peace of God
my heart would burst with joy
as you hold them to your eyes
all wet in the rain


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