The need for another Chilcot Inquiry

I was  tired yesterday, my arms too heavy ; it is  stress. Blood pressure high.  Every moment is uniquely stressful when your wife is this severely ill for decades on end  and there is little reason for hope. As  the former Prime Minister was named I know only too well  there is much more than Iraq on his hands, but I doubt there will be another Chilcot.

As I have written here, New Labour's hands are soaked red with the blood of the sick and disabled.

Substitute "New Right" for New Labour, the Coalition and   our current Conservative administration, whose common  destructive neoliberal agenda has  destroyed everything,  has  created a global laughing stock out of Britain,  has unleashed the hate and racism demons upon the street, all upon   the  backs of the most vulnerable in society, who have consistently been scapegoated in order to advance the shrinking of the state .

It was New Labour that introduced the the Work Capability Assessment, it was New Labour that introduced the deathly Biopsychosocial Approach, the denial that illness and disability exists, except in your head, it was New Labour that first labelled the sick and disabled as “malingerers ”.

Their  attack has been a full-on assault,  the script  has been comprehensively rewritten  so that the needy are no longer full human beings with just as much right to a life as anyone else, but parasites, scroungers, burdens on the state, barely even human.

What  does the future hold for the poor  in this ugly  culture ?

People with ME particularly, have paid a dreadful price:the biopsychosocial approach was pioneered upon them;  to this day their  physical disease is denied. My wife's suffering and that of millions others  is never ending, while they are treated with disdain and left to die, horribly.

I have tried for almost 25 years to fight back. But yesterday showed how impossible that is through conventional channels.  For truth has become whatever anyone believes or contrives it to be, that , to me, was the basis of Blair's unrepentant  post-Chilcot stance, so in keeping with his  toxic legacy of spin;  the one that has just resulted in Brexit.

The one that has allowed psychiatry, hand-in-hand with the multi-billion dollar corporate medical insurance industry s unfettered access to  set  the UK's "welfare busting"  social policy and exert huge  influence over the press, TV and radio ,

What chance does a lone carer stand ?

Look around, won't you, there's a war going on.


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