To the ME Community on Facebook : an enormous thank you !!!

I was looking at a photo yesterday; you would not recognize Linda now, she is so ill, tortured and tormented. With Very Severe ME your world becomes narrower and narrower.

You almost get used to disappearing, by necessity,  layer by later from the world. Our world is minuscule. 

You are so used to no one noticing you are gone,  that it came as a extraordinary  shock, to us both, to receive, quite out of the blue,  a Greeting Card signed by 160 folk from all around the world, sending us such love !

Time and again I have been bowled over by the care, compassion, understanding and love of the ME Community on Facebook, but this is beyond anything I have ever known or experienced. 

What an affirmation, how uplifting, how desperately needed that card is !

What a kindness, what a beautiful act of reaching out to the most ill and isolated, what a display of love and concern in action : not just talking about doing something, but making it happen.

Sadly Facebook is yet something else we have had to let go of, in our life. At this level of illness there is very little one can cope with. Betty Dowsett advised us years ago that the most important thing is to reduce any stress as much as possible. We all know how  Facebook brings it own stresses.

With all my heart, on behalf of us both - and Camy the Corgi, I say a huge thank you to Leela Play for organizing the Card and for everyone who signed it; we read each message of support, concern and love out.  

One hundred and sixty  people expressing their concern, thanking us for what we have done, wishing us well;  the experience of receiving and reading the card has been so immense, I don't think it has yet fully sunk in, how much people care. 

It makes such an enormous difference.

Bless you all. 

With ALL our love,

Greg and Linda xxxxxxx 


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