They use our name but they do not treat our disease.

The use of the nonsense term "ME/CFS", tragically is epidemic.

 What exactly does it mean ? To us "ME/CFS"  means "ME/not-ME"...... 

If you use the term ME/CFS  you are all over the place, because you couldn't  possibly have a clue who or what you mean.

This is because “ME/CFS” is an umbrella term, subject to many different interpretations, incorporating a wide range of meaning and poorly identified conditions. 

Myalgic Encephalomyeltis,on the other hand,  is
a complex multisystemic metabolic-inflammatory disorder, involving profound dysregulation of the central nervous system , immune system dysfunction, cardiovascular abnormalities, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, formally classified as a neurological disorder,  in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD10:G 93.3; WHO 1992).

 Very few patients in the UK, however, receive any physical investigation or treatment, especially the most severely affected. This is because of decades of denial, cover-up and deliberate neglect.



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