The struggle and the agony.

I don't understand why there is so little outrage about the way CFS has taken over ME. Every day
pushes my wife deeper and deeper into an agony so profound it is defies any human capacity to cope, yet cope she must.

Extraordinarily, she clings onto hope. But we have to be our own Consultant, our own Medical Specialist, for there is no one else and never will be for someone this severely affected, all the time that "ME" is allowed to have such a broad range of meaning.

I don't understand, where is the fire, where is the anger, where is the fight for the TRUTH of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, anymore ?

This video is about the struggle and the agony :

One of these days
We are going to be heard
One of these days
All that we fought for is going to be heard
I heard the Stonebird sing

One of these days
You're going to win
Oh you ain't no has-been
One of these days
you're going to win

One of these days
there's going to be
a big breakthrough
all those who have done us wrong
gonna meet their Waterloo

One of these days
I am going to walk down the street with you again
I intend to walk with you again

One of these day swe are going to cross right back over
the poverty line
One of these days
Our light is going to shine
shine so bright !

Words & Music (c) Greg Crowhurst 2017
Animation software : Muzivu


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