The Year of No Compromise

Greg Crowhurst 8th March 2008
(Updated January 2017)

When you look closely at what the psychiatric lobby are actually recommending , the tactics they are using and the practices they are advocating, it becomes extremely clear that they do not benefit the severe ME sufferer.

The issues though are not always that obvious or easy to grasp ; not given the physical isolation, the severe illness, the brain fog and the other profound levels of disability that people are experiencing with WHO neurological Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

This is a simple summary of the inferred messages underpinning the psychiatric paradigm , currently being heavily promoted in the UK:

The   recommendations :

  • do not investigate  ME patients .
  • do not provide  special facilities for ME patients  other than psychiatric clinics .
  • do not offer special training to doctors about the disease .
  • do not offer  appropriate medical care for ME patients . 
  • do not offer  respite care for ME patients .
  • do not offer state benefits for those with ME .
  • do not conduct  biomedical research into the disorder .

The tactics:

  • the wreaking of  havoc in the lives of ME patients and their families by the arrogant pursuit of a psychiatric construct of the disease
  • the attempts  to subvert the international classification of this disorder from neurological to behavioural.
  • the propagation of   untruths and falsehoods about the disease .
  • the building of  affiliations with corporate industry .
  • the insidious  infiltration  of all the major institutions .
  • the denigration of  those with ME .

The practices :

  • the attempt to make "ME" disappear in a sea of chronic fatigue.
  • the refusal to see or acknowledge the multiplicity of symptoms 
  • the ignoring and misinterpretation of the biomedical evidence. 
  • the suppression of published findings .
  • the vested interests .

The impact :

  • the arresting and sectioning of protestors .
  • the silencing of ME patients, through being given a psychiatric label .
  • the suppression of dissent .
  • the labelling of ME patients as the "undeserving sick , as malingerers .
  • the forcible removal  of sick children and adults from their homes.

It is poignant how an institutionally supported prejudice against people with  ME has  arisen, based on nothing more substantial  than  supposition and opinion., carefully disseminated.

You have to be very careful how you discern the truth; it is an important issue in the corporate wall of collusion surrounding the physically sick people who have ME.

We have to be very clear about what is the truth about ME and what is either deliberate, naive or ignorant misinterpretation or misrepresentation.

The impact of the above strategy on people 's lives is catastrophic .  Who can measure the suffering ?
You have to ask yourself "What do I want? Is it this?" And if it is not, then make sure your MP knows about it. Make sure people understand you have a physical disease acknowledged by the WHO. Make sure you do not contribute to the wrong pathway. Let us have no compromise on this. Let us stand up for Truth.

This has never been more necessary than it is now. We have to stand firmly behind the biomedical knowledge of this illness ; we have to make sure the true physical needs are heard and responded to.
Make this the Year of No compromise!

Ref :
Corporate Collusion, Malcolm Hooper, Eileen Marshall, Margaret Williams 2007


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