A Reply from the Department of Health

April 21 2017
JCPMH Report
In response to my recent letter to the Secretary of State, (http://carersfight.blogspot.in/…/an-open-letter-to-secretar…) the Department of Health have clarified that :
" This Government accepts the World Health Organization’s classification of chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) as a neurological condition of unknown origin and that health and social care professionals should manage it as such. "
The issue, of course, is that people with ME do not receive appropriate medical treatment, rather "best practice" dictates psychiatric therapy; CBT and GET for "maladaptive thinking" and behaviour change.
The issue, of course, is that the most severely affected are left to cope in unspeakable agony and suffering with no specialist care, support, advice, investigation, cure whatsoever available. Such a dangerous situation.
So outrageous !
The issue , of course, is that the JCPMH has, with seeming impunity, informed Commissioners that ME is a Mental Disorder, not worth of serious investigation.
These issues have not been dealt with in the DOH's reply to me.


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