Severe ME is a desolate place when you are trapped inside your tortured body.

 Noise sensitivity, in particular is very much ignored or it is acknowledged in passing, but without touching its desperate destruction.

Linda, for example, has been broken, literally, by noise, to the extent it paralyses her repeatedly; she cannot bear to even think about sound. The person with Severe ME can be so vulnerable to the vibration of noise , that it is not just their ears or their head that is affected, but their whole body in unimaginable ways.

 The tormenting impact of noise in Severe ME must never underestimated. If I so much as scratch my face at the wrong moment, the day can be ruined.

 Hyperacusis can seriously damage a person’s health , worsen their symptoms and cause unfathomable distress.

 There is such a desperate need to break the isolation.

 An innovative community audio project is setting out to try and do just that.

 We are not sure how, but we are tremendously excited that this attempt is being made. We are particularly impressed that they have set out to be "Severe ME-centred" : how often do you hear those words ? This is incredible !

 There are very, very few groundbreaking Severe ME Projects in the world .

 The Project is proactively looking for ideas, suggestions.

 We have tried to help by linking on Stonebird.


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