1. You shall not call ME "CFS".
  2. You shall not presume that ME is a fatigue illness.
  3. You shall not ignore people with ME and pretend that their illness does not exist.
  4. You shall not back the psychosocial misinterpretation of ME.
  5. You shall honour people with ME and their carers and advocates.
  6. You shall not bear false witness against people with ME using psychosocial jargon to misinterpret the truth of their illness.
  7. You shall not be careless around people with ME, for your carelessness will cause harm and deterioration.
  8. You shall not be complacent or compromise away the truth of ME by any means.
  9. You shall pro-actively make a stand and contest all untruth.
  10.  You shall never accept inferior, dismissive or inadequate treatment.



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