A world of medical denial

Yet you live in a world of medical denial.
Medicine therefore makes us worse. Sadly we are safer at home, away from all who would do us harm, whether unintentionally or through deliberate ignorance and wrong thought or arrogance.
We are at risk every day that practitioners are allowed to
choose whether they believe that ME is a neurological
disease or a mental health condition.
We are at risk all the time that people do not understand that
any intervention no matter how seemingly minor, can and will
make us desperately more ill, if wrong.
We are at risk all the time that other people do not understand
that their presence alone can do harm if they do not take into
account the complex hypersensitivities that people with Severe ME experience.
Whoever would believe that speaking in an ordinary voice or
asking a single question or touching a person's arm or turning the radio on or wearing your favourite perfume or perhaps giving someone a sandwich made with the wrong ingredients, could make a person with Severe ME go into unrelenting relapse or deteriorate uncontrollably?
How much more serious then, to expose those same vulnerable, ill people wrongly to injections, drugs, exercise, communication, therapists, phone calls, physical therapy?
Whoever would believe that noise, light, chemicals in the
environment could cause paralysis or a numb throat and tongue?
Whoever would have thought that gentle physical manipulation would invoke a five month headache?
Yet it can.
(taken from "Severe ME featuring Justice for Karina Hansen".


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