"Brain Fog" is such an inadequate term to describe the devastating Cognitive Dysfunction, people may suffer, in Severe/Very Severe ME.

Cognitive Dysfunction is a major, grossly misunderstood symptom !

People are likely to have MASSIVE problems with:

  •  Receiving information 
  •  Processing information 
  • Comprehending the content of conversation 
  •  Remembering names of people and the names of common 
  • things 
  • Forgetting information 
  • Forgetting what they are saying mid sentence 
  •  Not being able to articulate or speak the thought they have 
  • in their head 
  •  Having a completely blank mind : CAN YOU POSSIBLY 
  • IMAGINE WHAT THAT IS LIKE ? No, you can't.
  • Loss of internal visual imagery 
  •  Spelling difficulties
  •  Mathematical difficulties
  • Poor short term memory 
  •  A disconnection between thought and action and thought 
  • and vision. 
  •  Using the completely wrong word even though the person 
  • knows what they want to say.
  • Getting distracted by other thoughts and saying the wrong 
  • thing. 
  • External noise disturbing the ability to think, not able to 
  • understand, take in information if there is another noise in 
  • the room or the environment 
  • Saying words in the wrong order, back to front or swapping 
  • first letters of consecutive words. 
  •  Forgetting what they are doing
  • Task confusion , for example putting something in 
  • completely the wrong place. 
  •  Not being able to think about or express the thing they 
  • need to think about. 
  •  Difficulties coordinating thought word and action 
  • Difficulties with exchange of information 
  •  Difficulty with processing and answering questions 
  • Difficulty following fast speech. 
  •  Difficulty tolerating loud speech. 
  • Difficulty understanding the meaning of information. 
  • Difficulty following instructions. 
  • Difficulty understanding descriptive information leading to mental overload.

If a person says they cannot do something, even talk or listen to you or bear your presence near them, or in the room at all, then it is absolutely essential to respect and understand this; not ignore it or think you know better !

Try again later. Please NEVER neglect the person because things are difficult, but always respect their reality even if you cannot fully comprehend it.

(Adapted from : "Severe ME, featuring Justice for Karina Hansen"


  1. I completely love your blog post and find almost all of your posts to be just what I’m looking for. Thanks!


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