Only yesterday I chinked a cup, by mistake; it plunged Linda into a paralysis that was still affecting her this morning.

It is very hard to understand how such a seemingly insignificant, action can have such horrendous impact, how it destroys everything in an instant, how it leaves Linda unable to move, to speak, blink, swallow or even tolerate my presence.

I cannot describe enough the awful "nothingness", the crushing disappointment of a day absolutely ruined.

If only I had been more aware, more beat yourself up.

The early literature on ME, by Acheson, Ramsay and others is replete with descriptions of paralysis, yet you are hard-pressed these days to find even any mention of this central symptom.

We conducted our own survey on Stonebird and received over 46 responses, all confirming varying degrees of paralysis.

The animated GIF below, describes Linda's experience of paralysis. It is quite horrifying.


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