Often all there is left, is to try and gently touch or hold Linda when she cannot bear it for another moment. When I say "cannot bear it anymore", that is exactly what I mean; it takes a lot for her to get to that stage.
She is in unbearable suffering all of the time. There is no treatment, there's not even any research we know off, here in the UK, into how treat the most severely affected. People are abandoned.
But what if the pain, paralysis, multiple hypersensitivities are so profound that she cannot bear your touch? What if she can't even bear your presence in the room with her?
What then?
Touch Sensitivity, like Noise Sensitivity, is an incredibly difficult symptom to appreciate and understand. But get it wrong and you will easily inflict major, lasting harm.
Touch Sensitivity : it has to be the most heartbreaking place imaginable:


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