You are negated as soon as you step into the world of ME.

Suddenly you find that people don't believe you are ill, that people will deny you have a neurological disease, suddenly you won't receive the same respect you used to have.

Friends and family and professionals will not understand your illness, will actually negate your experience, will blame you for your illness.

You will find little or no help from the medical profession.

You will find your symptoms are not tested or treated.

You will be left struggling to find ways to cope and find a voice to drown out the negation of the world.

Even so, there is a sense, as never before, that the tide is finally turning. Voices From The Shadows, the #Missing Millions Campaign, Unrest, the widespread media coverage that Clare Norton and Sophie Cooklyn are bravely generating, these films, that people's movement, those individual voices bravely speaking out, all affirm how powerful the truth of ME is, once it's heard.

Up against mega powerful, influential, wealthy, self-interested forces determined to carry on perpetuating the misinformation, denial, discrimination, misinterpretation that has been destroying lives for decades, our only weapon is truth.

In this presentation we show how very important it is for us all to build a Matrix of Truth; especially at this time! (free eBook)


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