What do you say, in the morning, when your inadvertently making a noise or your sudden movement, or  your touching her at the wrong time has utterly destroyed, has broken beyond repair any hope of this not being yet another hideous day of unbearable torture for your wife ?
What do you say, all the day long, as every single noise, from you, from the neighbours, from the environment continues to plunge her ever deeper into unimaginably awful illness?
What do you say, in the dead of night, when your wife’s body is in too much agony to go to sleep, when her head is exploding in pain and there is not a speck of comfort for her, no possibility of relief, anywhere?
What do you say at 2 am in the morning, when with empty hands, you are digging as deep into your ragged, screaming spirit as you possibly can for answers?
What can you say, after 26 years of non-stop suffering, like this?
Knowing that the reason why we are stranded in this hell 
is precisely because the big ME Charity’s have colluded for decades with psychiatry and are still actively collaborating with them, through their membership of the UK CFS/M.E. Research Collaborative (CMRC)
I am sorry Action For ME, your apology for PACE is nowhere near good enough!



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