Many years ago I published a piece on my blog about how lonely it can be riding the wave of change. You are very much on your own, up there.
I am not sure how many today, fully appreciate the contribution of those long-term activists who have been struggling for the truth of ME to be made known for decades.
These days there are signs aplenty that the wave of change, which was bound to break eventually, you cannot bury the truth forever, you cannot stand up to the power of the human spirit, has massively increased in its size, strength and power.
Witness worldwide, the damning exposure and condemnation of the psychiatric lobby's flagship research programmes : the PACE and FINE Trials.
In the last few days, there is the extraordinary news that the Cochrane "CFS" Report is to be withdrawn. What a fatal blow that is to the psychiatric lobby's baseless case.
And now Professor Ian Lipkin has issued a hugely important statement confirming that :"patients with ME/CFS have biological abnormalities that cannot be characterized as psychosomatic."
So speaks one of the most prominent, most distinguished medical scientists in the world.
These are extraordinarily significant developments.
As a tremendous tsunami of truth breaks high, way above them, far down below in the shallows, in ever decreasing waters, the psychiatric lobby are left floundering about, still blaming us "activists" for undermining "science".
Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash


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