ME is not easy to people to understand it.
ME is being misrepresented as Chronic Fatigue...make sure you represent it as a neurological disease.
ME is a complex disease and the most severely affected are the most hidden and misunderstood...make sure you speak the truth for yourself and them.
ME is being compromised away....never compromise, lives are at stake.
Know that you have a physical disease that is not getting the medical support it needs and deserves, because quite simply it is being covered up.
Keep looking for answers. You never know if you have been
misdiagnosed and could get treatment!
We all deserve correct medical support and correct provision for the severity of our illness. It is disgracefully not there currently.
Most importantly look after yourself and demand a new medical pathway for ME.
Let us expose the ME cover up once and for all. Let us ask for a new biomedical pathway for people with neurological Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.
Nothing else will suffice.
I do not want a psychosocial pathway for ME. Do you?.
Linda Crowhurst


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