It is all very well people with ME demanding no more CBT and GET, it is all very well organisations
around the globe writing to the WHO but that is not enough!
Not by a long shot.
We MUST specifically NAME exactly WHAT we WANT to replace the awful, predominant psychosocial paradigm.
Terrifyingly even if CBT and GET were withdrawn, people with ME, especially the most ill, are still extremely vulnerable to being misunderstood, disbelieved, denied even.
That attitude, ask anyone, runs very, very deep in society, in families, in relationships.
People with ME need an incredibly sensitive AWARE approach, one that specially acknowledges the FULL medical reality and impact of their disease, that respects and works in partnership with them and ACTUALLY meets THEIR need, moment by moment.
As I explain below, for many years we have called that the MOMENT Approach.
Rooted in a value system that believes in the integrity and equality of person-hood of the other, alongside a deep belief in the human spirit to triumph over adversity, the moment approach gives me a language, a framework.
It underlies all I have written and published on Stonebird, it is literally my lifeline, it has sustained me through impossible decades of struggle. It gives me vision and structure to hold on, it brings us both life.


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