Concerns about the BACME Severe CFS/ME Guideline

The BACME Severe CFS/ME guidelines are a huge concern because health professionals will think they
are about Severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. However if you read the detail, you will clearly see that this is not about the neurological disease ME ICD 10 93.3 . The worry is that it will be interpreted as so.

Rather than proper medical tests and treatment BACME's new document on Severe "CFS/ME" emphasises Graded Activity Management as an effective treatment, able to lead “to improvement, and even recovery in some”.

The Guideline places the burden of checking for pathology squarely upon GP's shoulders, with expert input from local fatigue clinics who, if they follow the BACME Guideline will believe that ME is fatigue without pathology.

The diagram  above sums up the awful situation people are in.

I am currently working on a detailed response to the BACME Guide.

What really gets me, is that we have been warning about the risk of "Graded Activity Management" for ages; but all you ever see mentioned in the ME Community is the danger of "CBT" and "GET".

It is time to waken up to the threat!


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