Want To Be Free of ME!

"I want to be free from ME !", my wife's deep, deep cry broke my heart this afternoon. Another day of
screaming torture.
With unbearable destruction, ME dominates every single moment of our life together.
Uuntreated, unacknowledged, uninvestigated, unheard off, the most ill suffer, like this for ever in silence and abandonment.
For decades on end, you fight for change, while those who perpetuate the lie that ME is not to be taken seriously, take no notice, they just keep on getting more powerful.
You fight for decades and here you are with no power to make a difference, reliant on Charities to speak up for you, that still, after all this time won't get off the fence.
You sometimes wonder, really, what chance is there of making a difference ?
Then your heart breaks open, and with unbelievable strength and determination you cry out anyway : no way am I giving up the fight and struggle for truth !


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