What Can We Say ?

Severe ME Understanding and Remembrance day, August 8th, is an incredibly important day for us, for it focuses our attention on all the amazing people known and unknown, who have suffered horrendously, often for many many years and have died with ME.
We hold them in our hearts. We never forget them. The injustices and the sheer level of suffering they experienced can never be forgotten. Their friendships and their memories deserve to be remembered.
We also remember the people who loved and cared for them, the pain they witnessed, the losses, the struggles, the suffering they too experienced as they tried to get justice, give comfort and support, gain right medical input, speak out, to raise awareness of this devastating neurological disease, tragically neglected and ignored for decades.
Each person's loss, echoes through the whole ME community and brings an unhealable sadness that they are no longer here; we affirm that all their loveliness, their passion for life, their commitment to truth, their individuality and their suffering, will not have been in vain, will not be forgotten.
They will be remembered.
So on this special day, we will take time to remember all the kindnesses, all the words of support, the gifts and encouragement that we have personally received, their amazing achievements, despite the tremendous, indescribable suffering.
We hold them in our hearts particularly on this day and affirm that we will never forget them.
And so we say, as we light a candle at 3pm on August 8th:
Yes! We will remember
Yes! We will remember them
Yes! We will always remember them


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