Why Would Anyone Want To Say They Have Got ME?

Why would anyone want to say they have got "ME" ?
It is a completely neglected disease treated as a non disease, the physiology underpinning it is not identified or sought.
The decades-long misdirection of psychiatry makes it extremely unsafe, today, for anyone to carry an ME diagnosis.
Who can even say they have got “ME” ?
Without physiological confirmation and with varying definitions used, no one can safely say what they have got !
All the time you have a group of people identified by limited symptoms, without recognition of the underlying disease pathology, the label “ME” is rendered virtually meaningless, especially in a biased health service, offering
inappropriate psychiatric therapies as treatments.
In all honesty, no one, right now, is currently safe because:
1. they truly do not know what is physically wrong with them
2. they do not know why they are so very ill
 3. they do not know why they are still denied proper recognition.
Saying you have ME, sadly, is still not enough to guarantee safe treatment or understanding
However, our decades of struggle to find answers have taught us how in ME, symptoms DO have underlying PATHOLOGY. They are not imagined or disconnected from physiological pathways.
So proper symptom identification and understanding, as we argue, in depth, in our document “Severe/Very Severe ME : The need for proper symptom identification”, has to be the starting point of any appropriate intervention and service.
We pray and hope that this what NICE recommends.


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