Lock Down Forever

 As Lock Down eases here in the UK, the agony of permanent isolation and endless neglect for the
most severely ill, is much more acute, as Linda expresses in this terribly poignant poem :

 They make me feel lonely.
They do,
With their laughter and easy chatter,
The sound of champagne corks bursting
And the general loud jollity of their gathering,
Echoing across the garden
To me,
In isolation,
Not just for Lock Down’s sake
For their noise
Is a danger to my health
The champagne uncorking
Paralysed my left leg,
Increased my pain,
Blanked my mind further,
Left me stumbling.
As people start to meet up
Have garden parties
And begin to mill about again
Or cycle at speed past my door,
Let us remember the truth
That the virus has not actually gone away.
Despite the frivolity,
It's still there
And can still kill
The innocent bystander
Who has no chance of survival.
 As they dismember the support chains,
Will the understanding still be there
I wonder?
The understanding that separation
And isolation brings?
The recognition of the danger other people
Inadvertently impose upon you?
The need to reach out
And still try to include the unincluded
And the not easily includable
Who are always hidden from sight,
Struggling with complex Chronic illness,
Still here after everyone has moved on?
Still in need of a helping hand, a friendly gesture?’
Will the institutions still continue
To offer virtual teaching ?
Virtual GP consultations?
Consultant level specialist appointments?
Will I ever not feel invisible,
And not understood?
Will I still continue
To ache
With a deep loneliness,
Etched out of years
Of separation,
Deliberate ignorance
And profound illness?


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