A Brilliant Exposé

 After almost thirty years of struggling for the medical truth of ME to be recognised, I cannot thank

George Monbiot enough for this absolutely brilliant exposé:


 Affecting more people than AIDS, lung cancer and breast cancer combined, more people than have multiple sclerosis or cystic fibrosis, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, which appeared in the standard textbook of Neurology as long ago as 1962, can leave a person as functionally impaired as someone suffering from diabetes, heart failure and kidney disease and as severely disabled as someone with late-stage AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis or a person undergoing chemotherapy.

 Psychiatrists, however, with strong links to the Insurance Industry, greatly aided in this by the seemingly all powerful Science Media Centre, have spent the last 30 years spreading the untruth that Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), a WHO G93.10.3 classified neurological disease, is a mental health disorder.

 ME is not "medically unexplained"; there are over 9,000 peer-reviewed articles describing the complex biomedical pathology of the disease. In 2015 the influential USA Institute of Medicine, stressed that ME is a medical, not a psychiatric or psychological illness.

 It is staggering how the false premise that ME patients perpetuate their condition through a fear/ activity avoidance/deconditioning model, rather than an underlying disease process, has come to be treated as fact, by an extraordinarily gullible medical establishment and public.

 In an endless moving of the goal posts, psychiatry increasingly uses a bewildering number of sham-diagnosis terms like “Somatisation Disorder”, “Bodily Distress Syndrome”, “MUS” and “Conversion Disorder” to refer to ME and other diseases, which they insist are a product of emotional distress, anxiety or some other psychological cause, yet has never been able to establish the truth of its core assumptions.

 Those with Long Covid have good reason to be very concerned.



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