A New Perspective

 Last year I chose to stop posting on my Stonebird website. There are still links and information that may be useful, but it will no longer be updated. I will, however, share general thoughts on Caring here on my blog, as well as a wealth of other creative material I am producing.

I am taking the time to shift my focus to fully exploring my creativity. Right now I am actively working on finding an Agent for my series of Young Adult books.

It was an enormous affirmation when I was recently shortlisted, for the second time, out of 2000 applicants for the 2022 Alpine Fellowship International Visual Arts Prize. It’s theme was “ Freedom”. See the YouTube video below. It was a joy to create. I composed and performed the music, drew the pictures, narrated the piece and created the video entry.

I live and breathe music. How can one’s heart and soul not cry out, especially given the circumstances? I am inspired by nature, particularly, to live a spirit-focussed life and hope to share excerpts from my Holyway site too.

I have discovered a love of drawing to illustrate my thoughts and ideas.

After quite a long absence, I look forward very much to sharing some of my process, my learning and my creativity with others.

I have given almost three decades of my life to advocacy for the Severe ME struggle.
I feel it is time for a wider perspective


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