The Loneliness of the Carer


Out of her terrible agony, the desolation, the constant torment, my wife looked at me the other day and said that she just needed "something good" to happen. My sadness was overwhelming.
This in context of our life where with most things stripped away, the best you can hope for is to find a moment of comfort.
Here time does not seem to flow in quite the same precise way. It slows. Everything is bathed in nothingness. Nothing is achievable. 

The world disengages from you. People disengage from you. They stop bothering to ring. They stop bothering to call round. They stop relating to you. They stop including you in their lives, their plans, their world. They stop expecting you to be there .
It seems to the world as if you have gone away.
It takes great strength of character, great inner strength to bear this emptying; to go within and still find love in the centre of your being, beating as it were against the odds.
For there is nothing else to shield its view. There is nothing left to get in its way.


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