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Let us not forget the tragedy of suicide.

Let us not forget the tragedy of suicide. 25th Jan 2009 BY A SEVERE ME SUFFERER "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." ( Martin Luther King) Let us not forget the tragedy of suicide and the horror of it.. Let us not forget all the devastation people feel who know the person who has committed such a desperate act. Let us not forget the sanctity of life that is still enshrined in the law of the Land. Nor let us forget the illegality of helping someone commit suicide , nor the complexity of such relationships and the vulnerability of those people who rely on carers for their every need and interpretation of their meaning. Surely a society that moves towards validating and accepting, even welcoming and celebrating assisted suicide, no matter how emotional the circumstances, is moving down a path potentially of validating death rather than affirming life and seeing those in need of high dependency care and advocacy as potentially less than equ