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broken lips

Do you : Know what it is like To be an irritation to The one you love ? Where even the noise, Of your thinking Is too much for her ? To apologise for naturally  kissing her abused head;  for she could not    tolerate the caress of your whispering lips ? To be an idiot for picking up a plate Too ear-splitting !!!! To eat on your own To feel the nightmare in your guts when you look into her her brown eyes, long since dulled by soreness and  verging on despair ? Through what you believed long ago,  would be busy days, not ones you would spend not knowing what to say or do; sitting still as a mouse in the company  of torture. To find the backbone,  to  make the  phone call to go to the meeting this afternoon, as tired as all the years you have spent scrapping To make the breakthrough To get the advice To be informed To apply the method Making her worse, Much worse than fear itself could have had any information on. Galloping, hideous Worsening Cracking of Your sanity And you

Film Review: Voices From The Shadows

Film Review: Voices From The Shadows by Simon Overton (editor of “ Missed Diagnoses ” & Author of “Charcot’s Bad Idea” ) “ If I’m on an ME death list I just don’t want to know!” - Consultant Neurologist, Edinburgh (following comments by an IOP psychiatrist that he was being forced to x- ray his mail and take other security precautions after alleged threats from patients). Medicine and Psychiatry in Britain are under siege. Doors are being kicked down by ski-masked thugs whose one objective is to abduct the children of medical professionals. This is not for money or extortion but for compliance by hardworking doctors with what these ME activists regard as the most effective treatment for their condition. Across the country psychiatrists have been forced to take extreme measures, mail is x-rayed, visitors searched and children are escorted too and from school in case they are snatched. The situation is grim with many families unable to see their children, onc

Speak Your Truth Presentation

Speak Your Truth There is a huge amount of misinformation  surrounding  Myalgic Encephalomyelitis; I emphasized , in my presentation at the AONM / Midlands Fibromyalgia Group  Irish International Conference on Oct 9th, how important it is to stand up for the  truth of ME, as a devastating,  neurological disease . For the last seventeen years I have cared fill time for my wife, who has Very Severe ME. I have learned a lot about how to cope, how to care for someone that ill and how to fight. It is very difficult, there are  not many doctors or consultants with the experience and knowledge to know how to treat people with ME.  The fact is, if  you  are to achieve anything for the person you will have  to fight  every step of the way.  We  have shown  how it is possible to get an biomedical service , that the person with Severe ME does not have to left , with nothing being done for them, for decades on end, as is so often the case. It  takes enormous courage , as a carer, not to comp

Tenth Anniversary of The Breakthrough Prayer

October 8th 2011 The tenth anniversary of The Breakthrough Prayer We celebrate with a poem from Theresa : The child within you Sweep your house clean, each moment, Especially when night falls… For will your house be there tomorrow? We know not the time or hour… Anger held tight; furious fists Drive finger roots and nails Through the body, mind And spirit map, binding it in. Surrender to God’s Holy Spirit, Embrace the ocean and without fear And arms outstretched be carried through The water to the salty depths And give it ALL to HIM. Who waits, within, without, longing Through your grief, hidden, Calloused by time, down the long Lonely years of repression To set the CHILD in you FREE On bedroom carpet make your desert, Where stars touching heaven, spill out In startling clarity into the ubiquitous hush Of His Presence… Where each breath and tear and smile is heard ‘Ask and it will be given you Seek and you will find Knock and the door will be opened’ A guarantee from Him Who

World Wide Premier today : Voices From The Shadows

World wide premiere of Voices From The Shadows, The Mill Valley,  Film Festival, USA, Saturday 8th October2011 The reason we participated in the film is because we want the secret suffering  of people with Severe ME to be seen and respected properly, rather than the common media image of ME which is portrayed only as Chronic Fatigue, as being "tired all the time" with perhaps a sore throat, or depressed. The representation of ME has a form of depression by the media has done so much damage,  in  ordinary people's understanding and image of people with ME. Depression  is the last thing you have in Severe ME ; in order to cope, to survive, you have to maintain your internal integrity and sense of who you are in the face of an horrendous onslaught of disabling and debilitating neurological symptoms,which  tend to be omitted from the popular image of ME, but ultimately is what the disease is all about. If you have not  got neurological symptoms , you do not have ME ;  t

Naked ME