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Bloody Shout

It's too horrible to show; this picture, with its bloody teeth.  I wasn't going to It's just my outrage fulminates , steams so.  I am  affronted by the  ultimate , untouchable power that the psychiatrists, who cause so much pain and torture are brandishing so hideously at the moment. It scares the pants of me, how it is they, not us, not the sick, the poor, the oppressed,  who  have the ear of the "liberal" press in this country. We , in our suffering and oppression are voiceless in the mainstream; that's the punch in the face that the Observer  affair delivers. More  than that, as I look around , illusions lying in shards,   I am a bit doltish, I realize  that hardly anyone  really cares anyway. Neighbours  have long since  chosen  to stop speaking to us, they   ignore us  ,they  even try to block us from view,  family members are long since stuck in denial, the Church community, down the road,   waiting   for us to approach it, has long since had nothing

Existential Cannibalism

Existential Cannibalism : the inadequacy of psychiatry. Greg Crowhurst 24 th August 2011 "There are many ways of practicing existential cannibalism. In our society, the most popular form of it is to give one's 'beneficiary' a psychiatric diagnosis and impose on him a psychiatric treatment, neither of which he wants. This enables the 'benefactor' to claim he is helping and strengthening his 'beneficiary,' while in fact he is harming him and is rendering him more powerless. "   Thomas Szasz in "Madness, Heresy and Rumor of Angels: The Revolt Against the Mental Health System" by Seth Farber From the literature : 1. Psychiatric disorders are not medical diseases. There are no lab tests, brain scans, X-rays or chemical imbalance tests that can verify any mental disorder is a physical condition. The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) 2. Psychiatry’s diagnostic criteria are lit

The psychiatric abuse of Children with ME

The  psychiatric abuse   of Children with ME : some notes from the literature Greg Crowhurst 19 th August 2011 It is not that easy gathering together the information on this subject; yet it is so important ! The quotes below are   the result of a lengthy   search I have conducted. All the material is publically available, I have tried to follow  copyright restrictions where stated. 1. “The number of parents in the UK being threatened by doctors who say they will report families to child protection agencies has doubled in the last year. Fifteen year old Leanne Murray has severe ME and struggles with a range of unpredictable symptoms of ME including nausea, muscle pains, post exertion fatigue and light sensitivity.  “ When Lorraine took her to hospital with chest pains, doctors said there was nothing they could do.  Leanne was sent home with no treatment and the consultant reported her mum to social services.   A week later a social worker arrived on their doorstep in Coatbrid