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The presidents of the Royal College of Physicians, Surgeons, GPs and Nursing and the chair of the British Medical Association are all warning  that a   second wave of coronavirus infections in the UK is a “real risk”. Of course it is !! Anyone, surely, can see that. As a carer for someone diagnosed with Very Severe ME , I cannot afford, for a second to go along with the wishful thinking sweeping right now across  the UK, that  things are almost back to normal. It is  terrifying to me, when I have to take the dog out, the  sudden appearance of groups of young people , all hand in hand, partying  up and down our street , the sudden large family groups with  their dogs out strolling, how little notice people are taking of social distancing . What  massively increased  risk it is, to step outside the front door! I dread what would happen to Linda if I should catch  Covid. the consequences are unthinkable!   It feels like the world has never been so dangerous, as it is right

Lock Down Forever

As Lock Down eases here in the UK, the agony of permanent isolation and endless neglect for the most severely ill, is much more acute, as Linda expresses in this terribly poignant poem : They make me feel lonely. They do, With their laughter and easy chatter, The sound of champagne corks bursting And the general loud jollity of their gathering, Echoing across the garden To me, Sitting In isolation Not just for Lock Down’s sake But Always. For their noise Is a danger to my health The champagne uncorking Paralysed my left leg Increased my pain Blanked my mind further Left me stumbling, down the garden path to find seat. As people start to meet up Have garden parties And begin to mill about again Or cycle at speed past my door, Let us remember the truth That the virus has not actually gone away Despite the frivolity It's still there Lurking And can still kill The innocent by stander Who has no chance of survival. As they dismember the suppo

Shortlisted For Alpine Fellowship International Art Prize

It is a huge affirmation to have had my video on Forgiveness, shortlisted for the prestigious Alpine Fellowship Award Art Prize! Every morning I got up early to draw the pictures, write the music, work out the story. Many, many thanks to Linda, it was her encouragement that drove me on. The Video is based on my long experience of being a Carer. I would like to use this opportunity to announce that my fourth- and final book on Severe/ Very Severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis : "More Notes For Carers" is currently being prepared for publication. Gregx