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Stonebird and beyond

So Stonebird is built. Bit by bit it is evolving, taking on a life of its own. Holding on by my fingertips mostly. Still fighting, I wrote Preposterous Thinking   the other day - and got in right muddle on CoCure over whether it had been published on the BMJ or not. For which I apologize, not least to the BMJ. You do your  best, sometimes you don't always get it right. Preposterous Thinking  Alice Burchfield (2009) a participant in the recent FINE trial, was scathing that the data used about her was misleading; that the trial totally disregarded “ ME as a real illness”; that the program expected her to live a strict pacing regime, yet undergo 3 hour long sessions with the therapists ; and that she crashed after the last session and ended up worse than when she began; that the therapists had “selective hearing” and were “critical” of her and that the whole thing was unethical – presenting the “deconditioning” theory of ME as fact. This is a shocking way to perform a supposedly