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A review of Unrest by Clare Norton

Stonebird is immensely proud and grateful to publish Clare Norton's insightful review of Unrest. Her beautiful daughter, Merryn, died age 21, just this year. There is no doubt, Unrest is making an impact in the UK, attracting desperately needed media representation for ME, both on TV and in mainstream newspapers. The film is a fantastic achievement, it is extremely good news to know that Unrest was screened in the House of Commons and got such a good reception from M P’s. However, there are also concerns. Though it is helpful to make the film more widely available, the cost, £12.99 on iTunes, is considerable for people on very low income. I cannot travel to a screening for my wife is far too ill and cannot be left. The experiences of the most severely ill , I understand, are not well represented. Please see Clare Norton’s review. I am extremely concerned that some quotes in the daily tabloids raise the possibility of huge misunderstanding. The final sentence of the


Utter and Absolute Chaos. Falling endlessly off a cliff into nothing. Being assaulted physically inside and outside in multiple ways all at the same time with no relief or escape. Having the blankest emptiest space in your head where everything beautiful, colourful, creative, every image, every comprehension , every hope, dream, expectation and every possibility is extinguished, except for the dark blank swirling pressure and piercing pain that tortures you. Having a knife twisted into the centre of your head whilst at the same time clashing pots and pans as loud as possible in your ears so that it jangles round your head for hours and hours and hours after every single noise has gone away, whilst having a massive heavy, hammer repeatedly hit against your head continuously so that you cannot think and you cannot escape and you cannot stop it and you cannot bear it but you have to endure it, with no alleviation or protection from it and no prediction of when it will increas