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Aug 8th Unimaginable Suffering

  The depth of the suffering in Severe /Very Severe ME is unimaginable until experienced

Aug 8th Remember Me


Aug 8th Remember Us


Aug 8th Remember Them


Aug 8th Remember Us, Remember Them, Remember Me

 Aug 8th. We have personally known 16 people diagnosed with Severe ME who have died. They will always live in our hearts


  Wasteland, a video song from decades ago. “Do you know just what it’s like? ”  28 years of very severe to profound disability.

Art in Suffering

Image A silent video Pastels by Linda.

People of the world look but see us not: a video for 8th August

Image This day is an important day to us. It means everything that we can remember all those who suffer tremendously and all those have died. So many friends, now gone. We hold them always in our hearts.

Hidden Woman

   A song written many years ago,

Remember us, Remember them Remember me, a video poem for Severe ME Day

Image Sharing an older video  poem made for August 8th that is as relevant today as ever, for all our friends who have  gone too soon , much missed.

Very Severe ME : Engulfed In Pain

Image Broken in pieces, a song about waiting in intractable pain

August 8th: a video poem

Here is a Poem written by Linda especially for today, August 8th, particularly in  remembrance of all those we have loved, who have died.