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So close now....

…The very first edition ….but so much work had to be done on it. That’s now complete, just awaiting the second proof.  I feel I have poured body, heart, soul  into this book; I really don’t think I could have given more.  


Today has been very very difficult with both of us ill, one with the flu, the other with severe ME, plus knowing that it is only time before we both have flu. An awful thought. On days like this we are reminded vividly of our almost total isolation from everyone. We are reminded of how few people seem to care, one way or another, especially locally. We are very aware of neighbours , who go to church, chose not to want to know or get involved.  It makes us more aware of the total vulnerability of our situation. A strong reaction to days like this is a tearing sense of our own helplessness and poverty. On such days it feels as if  things cannot get any worse, except  actually they can, for today at least the continuing building work torment was not quite as extreme as other recent days. Our reaction on days like this could be to fall into despair ,but we do not go there , because days like this also remind us of the love we have for each other. That is what is important. That is what is

How to care for Someone with Severe ME

I have been busy on a labour of love for months on end - and now : I just want to announce that my new book : "How to Care for Someone with Severe ME", will be out within days. It has been receiving good feedback. Here is how Martin Walker, author of "Skewed" describes it : " In the best tradition of the handbook, this book is both focused and eclectic, covering the very centre of the issue while straying afield to shut the doors on the periphery. It aims not just to articulate the terrible predicament of Linda, but to expose in Greg’s terms the ‘tissue of lies’ spread by psychiatrists and to suggest ways that a network can become a political body able to organise a new right to life for ME sufferers. Greg Crowhurst’s prose is imbued with justified anger, for not only has Linda’s life and dreams been ruined by ME and a recalcitrant and mercenary medical profession, but his life and his dreams have also has been destroyed. The medical profession has a gr