ad infinitum

The throbbing pain continues
ad infinitum
so too my limitation continues
ad infinitum
Today I cannot bear it
This moment
This time,
It is too much to bear
too much to endure
too much to believe
that it has been here
continuously day in, day out
for 15 years
How can a body burn in pain
so continuously
without anyone official doing anything about it ?
without anyone looking to find out what is wrong ?
without anyone offering hope that it will change ?
And how can the psychiatric lobby get away with stealing the name ME
and making it into a disparate, vague, chronic fatigue syndrome ?
With stealing a disease and creating a condition ?
With stealing 64 symptoms and covering them up with 6 ?
With stealing the funding for ME ?
And using it to create their own fatigue clinics
that don't actually treat any neurological symptoms.
With stealing the truth that ME is a neurological illness
And creating a myth that it is all in the mind ?
With stealing our right to be taken seriously and creating a dangerous
where other pofessionals don't understand or believe us ?
With stealing the foreground and putting out untrue statements
that we don't need physical research ?
Basically stealing every precious moment in my life
by allowing this travesty of a medical service to provide nothing for me
and allow me to carry on throbbing and throbbing and throbbing
ad infinitum
with no treatment, no cure, no proper definition, no proper name, no
physical research, no hope, no truth !


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