A crying shame

It's a Crying Shame

My wife, bursting into tears, because she's had to turn down an invitation to attend her God daughter's wedding. How she would have loved to have been there, sipping champagne, being first, as she always was, on the dancefloor.

My wife's ongoing pain because she couldn't be at her Dad's funeral. The fact that she is completely unable to journey to see her Mum.

The weekend spent in total agony and not knowing what to do about it, the hours and hours spent doing nothing and even that is painful.

Yet only last Thursday I attended a top level, Director level meeting. The Chap there does not "believe" in ME.

Much prefers the term CFS. Don't you know.

And yesterday CoCure is full of waste-of-money  CFS papers by the psychiatrists, the same made-up CFS that bears no relationship whatsoever to how my wife has spent her weekend.

Me, I rage at this  injustice and wonder how I am going to get through today.


  1. Cherish your rage. The truth IS coming (we have to believe that, and help make it happen). I hope you told him that people with ME don't care for the term CFS for the same reason we wouldn't like to see Alzheimer's re-labelled 'Chronic Forgetfulness Syndrome'! Hugs, jx.


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